Spoonful of Macros is an online nutrition consulting program. It is designed to fit anyone's lifestyle to improve your fitness goals and overall quality of life. Most people who have a vested interest in their health have some sort of gym membership. The problem is, this is only half of your journey. The other half is what you eat! 

How much? When? What do I eat? This is where Spoonful of Macros comes in. We are here to help you improve your relationship with food and provide long-term, life-long results. This is not a short term diet. It is a lifestyle habitual change in how you eat. We designed this program to educate you and train you how to recognize and eat a true macronutrient balanced diet. We understand that not everyone has the time to analyze your nutrition and to keep it on par with your goals. This is where we come in and can help.

Meet the staff

Brandon Charleson

Brandon grew up playing sports and doing competitions most of his life. He is serving in the Air Force, the co-founder of GoPUCC and Fortified Nation, and most of all, a family man. Brandon started CrossFit in 2010 and began coaching clients in 2011. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science and is currently a CF-L2 Trainer. Him and his wife Elyse have worked with a wide-array of clients, both military and civilian from all different backgrounds, including two clients from the ABC Family TV Show "Extreme Weight-loss" with Chris and Heidi Powell. 


Over the years doing CrossFit, Brandon has experimented with the "Paleo" and "Zone" diets. While there was no question that these diets worked for fat-loss, they were not conducive to being able to perform at peak performance. At best, Brandon was able to go from 220lbs (23% body fat) to 200lbs (12% body fat) while on the Paleo Diet.

With tracking macronutrients, Brandon was able to achieve a much leaner body composition, retain all lean muscle mass and strength, and was shown in a short amount of time what results can come with the right macronutrient prescription.


Over the years, Brandon has developed and cultivated his passion for training, coaching, and helping others achieve their fitness goals. He enjoys anything involving outdoor sports and spending time with his family. He prides himself in helping others with fitness because it brings out the best in people. Brandon's favorite movie is Deadpool and mostly anything Disney. As for a cheat meal, Brandon always loves a good doughnut, a good beer, and pizza on the weekends. It's all about moderation!


Elyse Charleson

Elyse has been actively doing CrossFit since of March 2012. She is a CrossFit Level 2 trainer and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. Elyse has always enjoyed helping others, sharing her knowledge of fitness and nutrition, as well as personal training clients. In 2013, Elyse was selected to augment Chris and Heidi Powell and train two clients in the ABC Show, Extreme Weightloss. She also has an extensive background with swimming as well as teaching and coaching it. 


Growing up, Elyse played a wide array of sports with an extensive background in swimming and basketball. Since starting CrossFit and weightlifting, she has found a true passion for health/fitness. Elyse has experimented with the "Paleo" and "Zone" diets as well, but soon realized the benefits are conducive long term, especially being a Mom of two.

Elyse has exceptional experience in providing great meal plans that are macro balanced in order to achieve maximum performance. Elyse stands by the statement that, "all people are human and we just need to find what works for each of us."