What is Spoonful of Macros?

The Spoonful of Macros program is an online nutrition coaching service to provide you guidance, education and allow you to comfortably enjoy food while achieving a lean body composition and healthier lifestyle.

How does it work?

Like your gym membership, it is a recurring service and an on-going agreement between us (the coaches) and you to help you achieve these goals. On a weekly basis, you'll check in with your coach by sending your MyFitnessPal data and we will analyze, assess and adjust. 

Are there any contracts to this service?

No contracts, no fluff. Cancel at any time. You can do 1 month or a whole year! 

Are there refunds?

Because service is paid in advance (monthly, quarterly, annually), there are no refunds. Your success is determined by your accountability, honesty, and willingness to make a change.