Nutrition is the foundation of life, fitness, and anything you do. It is the most complex, yet most simple thing. If your nutrition is not dialed in, everything else falls short. When you are trying to perform and look your best, your nutrition must be on par with your lifestyle and goals. 



"But Coach, I am on the X diet!"

Most diets work when you stick to them but they all serve one primary purpose, which is creating a caloric deficit. It is simply a numbers game of calories-in versus calories-out.

Then life gets in the way and we get busy...

This is where Spoonful of Macros comes in. We are here to create a movement and help you learn nutrition, defeat sickness, perform your best and, most of all, live a long fulfilling healthy life.  

Plans and Services:

Nutrition Coaching:

  • $130 monthly
  • $365 quarterly
  • $1200 yearly

What you'll get:

  • Spoonful of Macros Starter Guide - The Basics to get you started on your journey
  • Unlimited personalized macro and micronutrient targets (includes flexible dieting for training/rest days)
  • Accountability - just like we hold you accountable to be honest as possible with what you eat, we are accountable to you as coaches to provide quality service to you. Help us help you!
  • Weekly check-ins (One on one coaching from our staff)

What you need to participate:

    • MyFitnessPal account 
    • Food scale
    • Bodyweight scale
    • Body comp assessment (contact us to arrange this)
    • Ready to look and perform your best!